Multilevel Freediving Course 1 & 2

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For more information, please send us an email to :

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Dry Suit Tour – Aqualung

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11th – 12th February Come and Try the Fusion Bullet Drysuit   + Send us an email for firhter information or details E:  

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All diving gear in stock …..UP TO 40% DISCOUNT…

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All Diving Gear we have in Stock UP TO 40% DTO…… Feel free to contact us for additional information!  

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Our traditional The Neptune´s Treasure Hunt……… 8th of December !!!!

Nov 25, 2016 Sin Comentarios

To close 2016,  we are celebrating our traditional Neptune´s Treasure Hunt to thank you your support and confidence ……. we will have and awesome dive in Benidorm`s Island to look for  the treasures that they will be caged  by gifts,  together with fun, laughs and a very good atmosphere !! We are looking forward to be […]

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Our cominng liveaboard trips

Oct 04, 2016 Sin Comentarios

Y como no podía ser de otra forma ya están en marcha y casi llenos los 2 cruceros que tenemos previstos próximamente, ambos en español! : Noviembre 2016 – Maldivas – Ruta Clásica . Barco  Mv  Leo . + Info del barco : Mayo 2017 – Tubbataha ( Filipinas ). Barco MV Solitude One. […]

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Tecnical Diving Week – Shipwrecks from the WW I

Sep 11, 2016 Sin Comentarios

One more year we are getting ready to celebrate our anual technical diving week to visit the shipwrecks from the WWI. It has already happend in Laredo with Mundo Submarino and the coming 30th of September will start ours in Ali-Sub To take part on it it is mandatory to be certified as tecnical diver. […]

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Aug 12, 2016 Sin Comentarios

One more year we will be diving  at the Roma Ship wreck  ” Bou Ferrer ” which is resting at 25 meters depth in Villajoyosa’s water! Un año más visitamos el Pecio Romano Bou Ferrer….INMERSIONES GUIADAS Diving trips will be ONLY: : 27th  &  28th  of  Aogost  and  3rd ,4th  ,10th , 11th,  17th, 18th […]

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Women Dive Day / 16- Julio

Jul 09, 2016 Sin Comentarios

WOMEN DIVERS keep reading………………. We have an appointment next 16th of July ! We are going to celebrate the WOMEN DIVE DAY!…. We have susprises and gifts for all the females divers! : An Aqualung CAP and a Bou Ferrer T-Shirt ! Don’t miss it!

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Being insuranced right now!

Jun 06, 2016 Sin Comentarios

SCUBAMEDIC – Your  international dive insurance! It is an International Dive Insurance for Recreational Diving, Commercial Diving and Freediving. Lloyd’s is the Insurance Company, one of the oldest in the world! If you would like to have your dive insurance right now, please click on the Scubamedic Logo ( Please see below) and follow the […]

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Feb 11, 2016 Sin Comentarios

We are more than happy to announce that starting  this season, at our dive center, Angel Fitor will deliver different workshots such us Biology, about Blennies Behaviour, Photography Technics……

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