Disabled Diving

El buceo es para TODOS…


Before to be born, we have already dived for around 9 months. As well as, the 70% of our body is formed by water, a truly ocean….. we have in our inner part. Because of this, we will probably learn faster to dive than to walk…but the evolution system decided that we would be human being. So, in somehow, the diving is an activity that requires an adaptation for everyone. We are talking about an adaptation to a new environment to be able to breathe, seeing, earing, move ourselves more or less easily, in resume: the stay for a while down there. In other words, everyone who wish to be down there for a little time have the same goal: need to adapt themselves.


It is true that the adaptation will come with our personal conditions, we only need to find out the way to do it. We can say that we are all disable in the water because it is not our natural environment


We will share with others the experience of the in gravity feeling of being submerged in the ocean surrounded by the beauty of its habitants. This feeling will approach us to the sensation of freedom very beneficial for anyone. As well as, the disable diving increase the social integration, allowing to everyone to practice the same activity. In Ali-Sub, we feel so happy and proud to be a perfect place with the right facilities and team accessible to anyone to desire to submerge in the ocean.


With us you can do a discover scuba diving in the pool or/and in the sea. If you feel more or less comfortable in the water and depending your inability you can also do a complete disable diving course. During the course we will teach the proper technics and skills to dive safely and having so much fun!


In diving, the barriers are imposed by the sea and by our own mind. So as usual, if you want , you can do it!