Freediving (Begun in Ancient Greece meaning “no breath”) or underwater diving holding your breath until resurfacing rather than use the scuba gear apparatus. We invite you to meet the underwater world from a different perspective. Freediving consist in being in touch with the underwater beauty living new sensations , going further of your own limits, improving your technic… definitely it is a personal experience ….let’s say that it is like back to our origins!

We will leave the scuba gear in the surface because we will not use it and will learn very simple breathing technics ( the same ones that we used to use when we were fetus) which will allow us to relax our mind & body…….then….one more breath and starts our own journey, a journey deep down, the only possible journey!

Would you like to observe yourself, to get to know and better oneself? Then this is the course that you are looking for. No matter concepts, timing or depths ….our proposal is just go further..

“Inside ourselves, there is a real ocean” said by Jacques Mayol..

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or by phone to get more information about our freediving courses schedule.


FREEDIVER. Min age 12 years old. 2 open water dives + pool session . Max depth 10m

ADVANCED FREEDIVER . Min age 15 years old . 2 open water dives + pool session . Max depth 20m

Max. 4 students per course. During the course we will learn & improve theory of physiology, physic, breathing and freediving equipment. In practice we will develop for example finning skills and technics, rescue and safety and more skills.With a proper mind & body training and learning diaphragmatic breathing technics you will feel safe and comfortable in such a calm place: the sea.

Included:mask ,fins, weight belt and snorkel

Not included: Nothing not specified.

We are looking forward to welcome you very soon!

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