Discover Scuba Diving

If you still  have no tried the scubadiving, you must know that you are missing something amaizing: the underwater world.

Being able to: breath underwater, listening to the silence, moving up and down – left to right enjoying how “we fly”…. all these sensations are unique experiences. Open your eyes , in front of you there is the underwater  beauty of the sea and its habitants.

So..from the moment you step in our dive center you will be guided by professionals & enthusiastic instructors. Instructors that love what they do, that’s why they teach a safe diving and transmit how important is the respect o our underwater world.

During your discover scuba diving you will experience sensations of weightlessness, you will meet the underwater creatures and who knows, maybe this is just the beginning of a new adventure.

A discover scuba diving is your initial contact with the underwater world breathing from a scuba gear apparatus. It is not required any experience or knowledge about diving. A discover scuba diving is planned for those people who are not sure of taking the open water course or those who has no enough time to do it.

This incredible activity takes 3 hrs in total.

Included in the price:

  • Theory-practice briefing about how to assembly the equipment, hand signals, finning, respectful behaviour with the environment…
  • Full diving gear
  • Scuba diving insurance
  • Boat trip  to Benidorm Island, which belongs to the Natural Park of Sierra Helada
  • 40-45 min dive assisted by a certified diving instructor. Max. depth 6m
  • 10 years old . ( Authorization is a must )
  • Ratio 2:1. Two Discover Scuba Diving to one certified instructor.

*You will get a discount of 40€ if you decide to go ahead with your Open Water Course with us, whithin the following 10 days!


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