Vamos a mojarnos los pies …

If you still do not know how the underwater world is, you should try and acknowledge that you are missing something awesome down there.

We suggest you to do a discover scuba diving, a diving course… Scuba diving means that you are able to breath underwater meanwhile you enjoy the silence that surrounds you, flying and moving up and down and left to right…it is simply an unforgettable experience.

Observe the incredible underwater beauty and behavior of the marine life is priceless and everyone should try at least once in their life!

Ali-Sub Team dive to enjoy of our “another” environment but with respect , knowledge and understanding of the fragile marine ecosystem.

We believe this is the way to protect it. Please come over, we are looking forward to meet you!

While we dive, we need to be aware of our diving body position, our finning, and a relax way of breathing.

These technics are really important to practice and acquire since the beginning to feel comfortable in the water and have a safe diving.

It can be also, that your first experiences would be very nice in this sense, but it is never to late to relearn a god technic for your own good.

It is well known that this is the right way: COMFORT = SECURITY = HAVE FUN…..mathematics are clear!

If we follow these valuable suggestions we will not make negative impacts in the underwater world, we are divers , we are not small destroyers …The Sea will be very grateful to you!