Training Programs

Thanks to our extensive and professional diving instructors staff we can offer you a wide range of diving courses that goes from Open Water Diver to Assistant Instructor. Do not hesitate to contact us to have additional information of any diving course program. We have first brand diving gear so it will make more comfortable and easy learning the underwater skills. The theoretical portion you can do it with us watching the videos or you can do it at home at your own pace through the e-learning system saving time and enjoyed more your vacation

The knowledge development it helps to understand the principles of scuba diving. In resume, we will make the most to provide you an enjoyable course. The training will be accommodating to your comfort level in the water.


Scuba Diver

course is a subset of the OWD course to a maximum depth of 12 meters and always accompany by a diver with a higher certification level. This course consists of two main phases 2 open water dives and 3 theory lessons. You will learn basic knowledge & scuba skills to help you to feel more confident and responsible during your dives.


Open Water Diver

It is a course which teaches you the fundamentals of scuba diving. The course consist in 5 open water dives (starting in 2-3 meters ), from the shore or by boat, putting the theory and the skills into practice to enjoy a safe, relax and fun diving. Max depth is 18 meters. The theoretical portion, less fun but also important, has 5 lessons conducted using online digital manuals in –person in our Diving facilities or following the e-learning system at your own pace having an independent study. In both cases the final exam will take place in the Dive Center.Min age 12 years old ( Junior Open Water Diver )


Advanced Open Water Diver

Going further in your scuba diving world experience, this course will help you to expand your diving knowledge & skills and learn new ones.

This course includes 5 specialty dives in total. There are 2 required dives: deep and navigation (you will learn how to orientate-navigate yourself using an underwater compass & timing and/or visual & natural landmarks ) others 3 you may choose from a long list of such us night dive, dry suit (dry suit is not included) buoyancy control , search and recovery, fish identification….
The theory part will help to refine better the knowledge of the skills and deal with new challenges …ending with a final exam.
Each dive of this course may credit forward your first dive of the corresponding Specialty Course.
Note: If are a Certified Adventurer Diver, keep on mind that with 2 more dives you may be an Advanced Open Water Diver.

Rescue Diver

Your learning path continues and it will give you the clue for this practical and interesting course. You will learn to recognized and manage the stress in others divers , self-rescue, emergency and management equipment, assist an unconscious diver, assist and manage panicking divers…. . There are 2 open water dives included on this program.



We have at your service a long list of Specialty Course:
Nitrox (Enriched Air), Deep Dive, Wreck Dive, Night Dive, Navigation, Search & Recovery, Equipment Specialist, Underwater Photography, Boat Diver, Emergency O2 Provider, Dry Suit Diver, Side mount Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy



After being certified as Divemaster you will be able to join and work in a Dive Center. Part of your tasks can be: guiding certified divers, assisting an instructor in courses development, motivate other divers…
You will expand and improve your capacity to gain a proper dive leader.


Assistant Instructor OWD

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