The Project

Age I A.D. We are talking about a huge cargo ship with an overall length of almost 30 meters and 230 gross tone.Its main load was 2500 handmade amphora from Puerto real de Cadiz. Each amphora was carrying about 40 litres of a of mixture of species and fish coming from the Betic Roman City .
These species and sauces were very present in the Roman gastronomy, so they were very precious and expensive of that age.
Therefore, this ship was loading lead bars belong to the Roman Emperor. This ship it was no one , its has a special destiny, probably the Royal Family. Unfortunately on his way from Gades ( Cadiz) to Rome, the ship accidentally sank by unknown reasons. The accident happed a few miles away from the Villajoyosa main harbour.
The Bou Ferrer has been resting down there for about 2000 years without notice waiting to be discovered, it is resting just in 25 meters depth.
Since then, an international archaeological team are making underwater and professional digs. Their reports are just amazing, there is a lot to be told by the ship. Every day is a new mystery to be discovered