Tec Diver

Tec Diver Programs



The Tec Diver programs are a courses sequence of: Tec 40, Tec 45 and Tec 50. You can enrol in all together at once or do these courses separately. They bridge the gap between the recreational diving and the technical diving. Their design gives you the opportunity, as recreational diver, to get familiar with Tec Diving world. Even more, you will not experience a dramatic change in your diving philosophy. These programs will help you to improve and build the knowledge you need to continue with this new adventure. Such us proper set up and digging new equipment, use different gas mixture, learn necessary skills to successfully fulfil the limited decompression mandatory stages.


Tec 40

You will be qualified to use decompression programs and diving computers to do decompressions dives with limited decompression mandatory stops ( max.10’) . Maximum depth 40 meters /130 feet
Gas planning. For safety during the decompression mandatory phase we will use a single deco stage ( EANx50).


Tec 45

We will learn to plan and execute the proper technics and knowledge to do just one dive or repetitive decompression dives using a single stage / decompression tank with EAx or pure Oxygen for safety and to accelerate the decompression mandatory stops. Máximum depth of 45 meters/145 feet.
How to act in case of certain technical diving emergency situations, emergency procedures. Little by little you will control the necessary technics, procedures and fundamentals that you may require in the technical diving according to your level.


Tec 50

You will do real decompression dives up to the depth of 50 meters/165 feet. Using EANx or pure oxygen for the decompression stops.
The use of a computer decompression program to customize your dive tables and plan your own dives. You are qualified to do your own technical diving with decompression and ready to go to deeper diving expeditions.


Tec Gas Blender

This course teach you to blend EANx and helium- blend using one or more blending methods, providing gas mixtures to the qualified consumers.
You will learn the potencial hazards of manipulate/handling pure oxygen, how to deal with those risks, Oxygen cleaning equipment along with the requirements for oxygen service.


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