Tec Trimix & Sidemount

The PADI Tec Trimix programs are real technical diving programs. During the process of a cave or wreck course, we practice as if we were in a real scenario.At this point your training will become more exhaustive and demanding. Everything must be under control.
The skills & knowledge that you will achieve during these programs will help you to go further, pushing your own limits and pushing the limits of the recreational diving. After complete these programs you will be a much better diver in all senses.


Tec Trimix 65

This course has being designed for those who want to extend their depth range and they are already trained ad qualified to use air, nitrox and pure oxygen for technical dives with decompression below 50 meters.
During the course the secrets of trimix will be discovered by the diver. The divers will be qualified to do dives with multiple decompression stops using EANx, and oxygen to accelerate the decompression. And any other blend of trimix with 18% or higher % of oxygen in the mixture.
Maximum depth is 65 meters/ 210 feet.


Tec Trimix Diver

This is a course for tec divers who turn into extreme divers. The gas chosen is trimix – a blend of oxygen, helium and nitrogen.
This course brings the divers to go much deeper, even only a few divers will ever go. Once the divers have been trained and qualified to use aire, oxygen and nitrox foe technical decompression dives deeper than 50 meters.
Diving with trimix is an extreme limit, so far there is no maximum depth. During the course you will make the dives as deep as 90 meters.


Tec Sidemount


The Tec Sidemount gives you the same advantages that the course PADI Sidemount Diver but it gives you the chance to be able to dive with 2 tanks to be longer underwater.
This course is a wonderful way to introduce yourself in the technical world because you will learn technics and skills that will train you to manage multiple tanks in only one dive.
At the same time you can combine the knowledge of the Sidemount Diver & Tec Sidemount & others open circuit courses that you may do. You will make the most of the use of setting up, digging, sidemount, how to do it and od it right.


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