Tec Dive

Technical Diving is a real challenge and adventure. We have a clear purpose, we know what to do and we know how to do it. We try to make it if easy and safe instead of difficult and risky to go further with undertaking and safety.

The technical diver, thanks to his/her skills, discipline and experience will face new situations which recreational divers cannot reach such us specific environments, depths, bottom time, equipment & procedures.

Deep shipwrecks and deep reefs are only accessible for technical divers due to their proper training and gained experience. We are talking about an advanced diving level with an extensive experience and knowledge in diving technics. Compromise, undertaking, passion and the right training are the clue to make the technical diving an activity that allow itself to get well with your own physical & mental limits.

Nowadays, thanks to the technology and revolution in diving equipment, training and diving procedures, the technical divers take advantage of these circumstances to improve and perform their underwater skills.

Buceo Teck

To go over the traditional depth & timing limits and make more efficient and safety the decompression mandatory phase, they use very sophisticated software to plan the dives and the use of variable gas mixtures during the dive.

Supervised and guided by our instructors, you will learn how to use and dive with twin tanks, gas blended stages, wings, hogarthiana setting up, to descend deeper and make longer bottoms times, in summary to reach the goal of one of the most demanding diving style.

We are looking forward to welcome you, the Mediterranean has a submerged history to be discovered…