Learn how to dive, get to know what you see. Fall in love with the sea.

In Ali Sub

We accompany you.

If you are looking forward to discover a new world, embrace yourself in its silence and feel like you just flying.

When you look at the sea, are you curious to know: what does it feels like, how is it , and if you could be able to submerge yourself and dive?

In Ali Sub, a scubadiving center, we know the answers.

And we know the answers because since 1.999 we have taught to dive to more than 3.500 students. Taking care of each and everyone of them.

And do you know what? Many of them, they had the same questions you are having right now.

So, if you want to discover the scubadiving world or you want to learn scubadivin...

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💧Understanding what is going on around you when you are in the water. Biologists and naturalist experts are part of our team, with them, you will learn to value and decipher the wonderful complexity of the marine environment.

💧Feeling safe. And this is how you will feel, because our diving gears are top brands such us Aqualung, Apeks or Cressi. We get them serviced yearly to make sure that they are in perfect working conditions. But even more, we renovate our diving gears every two years. Your safety and comfort are our main goals.

💧At your own pace, with an instructor ratio of 2:1 . We want to know your needs and accompany you patiently along this journey.

💧Save the time, the heat and the inconvenience of van transfers to reach the harbour. At Ali Sub the facilities are water edge; our boat is literally a few steps away. So, be careful to do not stumble and fall into the water when you assemble your diving gear.

💧The marine life and biodiversity of Benidorm’s Island and Llosa in the Natural Park of Sierra Helada will blow up your mind. A truly Mediterranean’s treasure.

💧A close relationship. Because we know you, we call you by your name. At the end, you become our friend and sometimes, even part of our family.


To start, we suggest you:

Discover Scuba Diving



Open Water Diver

If you are already a certified diver, you know there is still too much to be discovered below surface. Every single corner is different. Join us and we will show you our favourite sites. Certainly, the best diving in Alicante.

Visit the page of experiences and choose the activity that fits better for you


We are the second generation teaching at this scuba diving center. And also, since the very beginning, we have been accompanying to those who want to know what the Mediterranean Sea hides.

They have trusted us ...

maria parra 01

“Great persons and great professionals!

AliSub’s team, along these years that I know them, they have transmit and taught me their passion to the sea and to the diving world.

And nowadays, I can tell that I share with them the same passion to the sea and cannot be more grateful. I love diving, thank you guys.

The personal attention you get from the team is always outstanding. They are very well trained and will explain you all you need to have a safe and enjoyable dive

They are a great  “family”, always smiling, with a positive energy that hook you up. No questions that they are and they will be my first choice to continue my training and to keep having fun dives”

María Parra

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“You will not find anything better to learn and performance the diving.

It is located in a privileged place in the Marina of Villajoyosa, with very good facilities, equipped with everything you need.

But the real privilege is the Ali Sub’s  diving instructors, they enjoy teaching and helping you in anything you need  in order to  have an unique and unforgettable dive.

With me, they always achieve a new  goal”

Antonio Moreno

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“I love  Ali Sub.  Its location is excellent, in the  Club Naútico de Villajoyosa, the professional team that is behind the name it is the best of AliSub.

Their owners are pure love and incredible professionals.

The dive center has been adapted very well to the new situation.

Their way of working offer professionalism, safety and very friendly relation to customers.

Every experience with them at the sea it is unique and unforgettable.

No doubt, they are one of the best dive center I have ever been”

Marina Pérez

Can you imagine?

  • Get away from the noisy city, the pollution and leave behind the stress.
  • Arriving to a place where the air smells salty, where you feel peace, silent and in gravity. The light, the freedom. Immerse yourself to know a sea full of life, colour and well preserved.
  • Looking at with your own eyes it’s easier to understand why it is worth to pledge and take care of our planet.
  • To live an experience that it will change the way you see the world, interacting with people and your way of travelling.
  • Learn to look at yourself from a different perspective. Become aware that you are capable to overcome challenges that seemed impossible. Value yourself and value others.
  • Being able to share it with your family, friends or alone. As you prefer.
  • Get the chance to have new friendships, sharing your new hobby and feelings.
  • And at the end, back home, with your batteries charged, dreaming of diving again.

How many times have you bathed in the sea?

How many times have you used a diving mask? Did you marvel at what you saw?

How long have you been wishing: to see more, to know more, to feel more?

So far, you have been a mere spectator. Watching from afar and being amazed when you saw a fish or a starfish.

From now on, join us, swim surrounded by thousands

of fishes, learn to observe their behaviours and become part of their world.

What would you rather: Keep watching from afar or starting to live it? 

Go to the contact form and tell us:

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