Technical Service

Safety yes or yes, no questions about it.

We have been diving for over 20 years, many hours underwater, a lot of scubadiving courses, a lot of people have learnt with us and they became our friends.

We are aware that the diving gear must be in perfect shape and working conditions to have and enjoy a safe dive.

Because of that, since 2003 we are an official authorized technical service center of the following brands:

Apeks, Aqualung and Cressi.

💧 If you bring personally your gear to be serviced, we explain you and assist you in the service done and how to take care of it after all.

💧 If you cannot come over, we will ship your gear to you with the proper report.

We cannot do it different because we like the sea, the feeling of freedom and disconnection. And all this will not be possible if AliSub’s staff would not be as they were the first day with the same passion, remaining with the same essence.

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