Our Village: Villajoyosa

Surely, Ali Sub would not be what it is, if it had not been born in Villajoyosa.

That’s why we are not surprise about the name of our village: La Vila Joiosa, it means village of the joy and the bliss. Exactly what this place transmits.

💧 Colour: of the famous cottages, of the sea, the sand and the fisherman’s boats

💧 Smell: of salt, of Mediterranean’s sea, of sunny days.

💧 Touch: from fresh water, fine-sand and the breeze .

💧 Savour of cooking: its meats, its fishes, veggies, rice. And its Chocolate scent.

Visit our village, meet our people, our culture and the annual festivities. Take a stroll along “carrer del mar” to observe the Wall, the fortress and the old town’s church. Allow yourself to get lost through the streets of “Arsenal” y “Sant Pere”, in the heart of the old town. With its colorful cottages in from of the sea.

Explore our seabed, discover the history of a great roman merchant ship, the most important shipwreck in the Mediterranean Sea: The Bou Ferrer.

cala torres
casas colores arsenal

Take part in our yearly festivities, “Moors and Christians”: from the 24th to the 31st July. Declared as international tourist interest. It has been held for more than 250 years ago.

If you like cooking and want to cook, go to “El Mercat”, you can find a long list of local fresh products. Do not miss to try and buy “ Muixama  i ouet de tonyina”  ( fish salty stores) . It is a delicatessen.

If you prefer than someone else cook for you. We recommend you to try the menu rice variety in Taberna tres14 orCa Marta Restaurant. Their dedicated work is reflected in the taste of their plates, they will not disappoint you, neither your tammy. And for dessert, pass by Chocolatería Valor and try its delicious chocolate. If you are those who think that the chocolate is not good, you will change your opinion, even more, you will buy some bars, bonbons…to bring it home.

fiestas moros y cristinaos
sumergirse y ver la vida desde dentro final pagina entorno

Get wet in our sea. Visit our natural coves like “l’Esparrellò”, “Bol Nou” or “el Xarco”. The last one, it has an old tower that in the old days it was used to defend and protect the village from pirates’ attacks.

If for any case, when you reach our beaches, you ask to yourself:

If this is so beautiful, how it will be to be submerged and see closely the underwater marine life?

Go to Ali Sub contact form, scuba diving center and discover that,

You also can discover how it is the seabed.

Because answering this question , I would tell you

“Being submerged is even more spectacular”.

Join us to discover the Island and Llosa of Benidorm. One of the most unknow and best diving in Spain.

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