Scuba & Freediving Courses

We have educated and trained divers since 1999, during these years we have learned that:

To accompany you we believe that is very important to get to know each other.

For you to learn we need to be adapted to you and to your knowledge.

So, during any scuba diving course, does not matter if it is an Open Water Course or any other,

  • We do it calmly, taking always the necessary time
  • Our ratio is 2 students: 1 instructor
  • We make sure you enjoy during the course teaching you the most important: to dive with comfort, safety and autonomy.
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💧 If you have dived before, if you are a sea lover or maybe you have not dived yet.

💧 You love to practice snorkeling or maybe you are scare to put a foot in the water.

💧 You did have a bad experience but you would like to try again.

💧 You are coming with your family, friends or alone.

💧 You want to try scubadiving or you prefer to be trained as a diver to get an international certification card.

💧 Your live is basically a daily stress or you enjoy the calm.

💧 Have the feeling that you can’t handle everything or you have surrender.

💧 You practice sport regularly or maybe you used to do it but now you do not move from the sofa.

Wherever you are, choose your scubadiving course , learn and come back to learn more.

Choose your Course ...

They have trusted us ...

carlitos 01

“They are great. They really rock. I started diving with them when I did my discover scuba diving  and right away I did my Open Water Course followed by an Advanced Adventurer …. And I have the feeling that many more courses  will come .

They really care and pay attention to your capabilities and safety. They do their best for you to enjoy the dive. They are super friendly and nice. The rental diving gear is very well maintained.

The dives sites are amazing, very well located (Benidorm’s island ) and full of live, the new boat Tohora is absolutely great!

Highly recommended”

Carlos Cristóbal

img 20210609 wa0043 01

“A dive center where you feel the sea passion and a deep respect to their habitants and ecosystem.

They are truly professionals , they love what they always following the proper safety procedures. I am already diving several years with them and many more to come. 

I recommend them either for beginners or any kind of diving level.

They rock!”

Yolanda Prats

pablo 100 1 02 1

“I have recently finished my open water course. Since then, I  have been dreaming with diving for the last few nights!

It has been an overall awesome experience. The diving instructors, the dive sites and the whole atmosphere in general.

No questions that I will be back in AliSub to keep diving and gaining more experience. They are outstanding.

In fact, the divers I know who have learnt or dive with AliSub, gave me very good feedback. Now I know why!  I have experience by myself how good they are”

Pablo Espinosa

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