Our team: the people of Ali Sub:

In Ali Sub we love the sea. We are much more that only your scuba diving instructor.

So, we accompany you to 

discover, understand and protect the ocean.

“Seas are responsible for: the planet’s climate, the water that water the earth and the O2 we breathe.

The sea gives us life.

And all this extraordinary being alive, the seas of the planet, are formed through intertwined relationships of their habitants. From the tiny plankton to the whales, and of course, to the humans beings as well”

Everything started with my father’s initiative. He is an entrepreneur.

My sister and myself, when we were still kids, my father started to bring us diving every morning, what a daily gift was.

He wanted to share his scuba diving passion with others, and he make it happens.

In 1.999 ALI SUB was born.

My father taught us that the best way to protect the ocean is by helping others to get familiar with it.

It has been 20 years and that illusion that helped us up from bed and wear our fins on, remains as it was.

So now, every morning you will find us in AliSub ready to spread our passion with you.

As soon as you arrive, we want to know what you need, what you are worried about, what you are excited about, in this way, we can properly accompany you along this adventure

You will learn all you need at your own pace. To breath, to float, to move and being autonomous underwater. And also, you will learn to understand what is going on around you. The magic of the underwater world.

We want to be much more that your Scuba diving instructor because in ALI SUB:

My name is Alejandro and since I was a child I have felt that the sea is part of me. When I was 8 years old my father gifted me a small extinguisher which he customized with a tap and aNemrod regulator of that era. The invention worked. It allowed me to submerged myself and discover the Mediterranean Sea.

I love teaching to love the sea.

For a while I was trained and I worked in the mountains. Every time I reached the summit, I started to look for the blue of the sea. The salt, the breeze.

I can’t stay too long without putting my feet in the water. Although some winters I travel along other countries with my clown nose, I always end up finding out the sea.

Or maybe, the sea will find me. Who knows


Penélope, from Toledo. With a Degree in Biology and deeply in love of the sea. She made AliSub her home.

Since she was a child any excuse was good to find her plunge in the water giving to her mother a few scares.

She was 18 years old when she meets the Atlantic Sea, the Cantabrico Sea and the North Sea, but none of them conquered her heart as the Mediterranean Sea did.

Lucky for all of us, she started to dive in AliSub and here she happily remains. Surrendered to the beauty of this place and its people. She is absolutely passionate about her work in AliSub with her clown nose, like me.


So now, we take advantage of the humour within us to help you release blockages, to overcome your fears and focus on enjoying. We want you to forget everything ending up surrendered to the beauty and the peace of the sea.


My sister Silvia, despite she is diving in Micronesia, with mantas and sharks, in some how she also accompanies us.

She, same as me, grew up in AliSub, as a person and as a diver.

At the very young age, our father took her diving, she was a bit scared but holding our father’s hand her fears disappear.

Nowadays, she is diving abroad bringing AliSub and its philosophy wherever she goes.

Silvia is very active in the water. Her body speaks by itself, transmits an energy that doesn’t leave you indifferent.

Diving with her catch you her passion and dynamism. She really LIVES the diving.


Maybe because of this paternal heritage, we also accompany you, holding your hand if necessary and always step by step. We know what it is like to start diving.

And now, all of us propose you to share “butterflies”

Because, tell me, have you ever felt your “butterflies”?

Maybe as a child, the night before an excursion? The first day of school or before a big trip?

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