Our dive center: Ali Sub

Every minute you spend with us, will be the best time of your holidays.

We focus on giving you the best service ever to make your experience unique.

You are on holidays, we make things easier for you:

💧 As soon as you arrive you will find us at our terrace waiting for you

💧 We chat for a while to get to know each other.

💧 We proceed to pass you the diving gear which we have it already prepared, for you to check, try and put it on.

💧 And when you are ready, walk 10 steps and you are in the boat. Submerge yourself and keep enjoying.

💧 Once you are back at the dive center, we want you to enjoy as long as possible the feeling of being relaxed, the experienced you have just had underwater. So enjoying a fresh fruit /a cold beer in our terrace you can peacefully savour what you have learnt, what you have felt and what you have seen.

💧 If you feel to, you can share your experience with the rest of the divers. Sitting in our terrace, in front of the sea and letting go yourself at the same time that you, reliving those pleasant moments again. This is the second best part of the dive.

💧 Once you have finished, you can remove the salt from your body having a shower in our comfortable facilities and start thinking when are you coming back.

We are waiting for you.

Go to the contact form.

Also, in the diving store you could find the equipment you need.

We trust in premiun brands such us Aqualung, Apeks or Cressi. And we do that because that is the diving equipment we know better since we work with it and we use it  every day  for many years already. Do you know a better way to trust in a brand?

And the best: we love assist you listening your opinion according to your needs.

Safety, comfort and speed

Thats exactly what you feel on board of TOHORA, an 8,60m  Olbap Trimaran  launched the Spring of 2020. You will like its  long benches with tank racks, the spacious room to secure your gear and the top canvas to give you shade.

And KIKORANGI, a 8,60m  inflatable Vanguard,  just launched in 2021. We release! It has a spacious tank rack, a top canvas and a comfortable ladder.

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Both boats counts with emergency first aid kit, O2 kit, life jackets, VHF and emergency plan.

Their efficient 300hp and 4t Mercury engines counts with ultra-low emissions systems to protect the  environment.

Anything else? Of course. Our experienced skippers ( with many years of experience and several rough seas sailed ) will take care of your safety and they will choose according to the weather conditions the best dive site for you. All this, with a friendly and calm atmosphere on board.

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